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QuickFox.net's History

QuickFox.net was originally known as TheDen.ws. TheDen.ws was formed sometime during March 12th (year 2004) by a group of individuals, who had a bad experience with the past networks they were previously operating and the way these networks were managed by their head managers (founders).

The goal was to establish a truly stable IRC network with a stable, and benefitial for it's users, network management - a network management that would have absolutely no conflicts among the personnel who operates it and would take quality above quantity. Furthermore, the mistakes of the past networks and their head managers were learnt from and prevented, so the history would no longer repeat itself and the network would finally be prosperous.

On March 12th, TheDen.ws was finally assembled and founded by a group of good friends, who knew the world of IRC on a very deep level, and shared the same opinions about how things should be done. Alongside as a community of people that mostly focused on the Ultima Online RPG, who agreed to use the network as their new home.

For a time this network was running relatively stable on only one IRC server. A IRC server dedicated to a Ultima Online shard known as Mythos has linked with us. It's users and server are now part of TheDen.ws's IRC network.

A unoffical server has been linked known as Sphinx, currently being used to, test some, interesting service ideas on the network.

Since the introduction of Sphinx, there have been interesting relay projects that have been introduced to the network. Such as the Second Life gateway, which links two places, one IRC channel and a place on Second life together. On Friday the 2nd 2007, register.com had dropped TheDen.ws, despite the fact it was paid for until sometime 2008, with this action, a emergency was declared and the network was quickly relocated and renamed to QuickFox.net. Since TheDen.ws was a QuickFox.org project, this made plenty of sense. The network still runs relatively stable, and is being assisted by the community, whom it serves.

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