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Second Life Gateway service

The Second Life gateway services is a system that grants users the ability to communicate with people in specific areas on
Second Life*. The concept of the service is rather simple - it links between a
specific area in the world of Second Life to a particular IRC channel and exchanges
text among the people located on both sides of the link.

The system has existed since Second life 1.9, and this most likely makes it one of the first real time communication systems with Second life.

The linking system is a bit more advanced than your average relay bot. Each user on
Second Life is represented by a username on IRC, for example, "Ash Qin" on Second Life will
be represented on IRC as "SL-Ash|Qin". Here is a sample /WHOIS record for your interest:

SL-Ash|Qin is [email protected]t.net * Ash Qin
SL-Ash|Qin using secondlife.com Second Life gateway
SL-Ash|Qin End of /WHOIS list.

Because of IRC nickname emulation, it is possible to emulate actions like kicking properly,
being passed to Second Life as a eject or teleport home. One can ignore specific users that are
being a annoyance. This is also just a more useable just way of communicating between different

Should you wish to link a channel of your own with a Second Life area, you will need a registered channel on quickfox.net (registration is free, if you need help, join #help).
Once you have a registered channel, just goto QuickFox.org's store in world (alternatively you can get a free copy via Second Life Market Place or Apez.biz) and 'buy' (it's free) the relay device.
Once you have the device, just enter your channel and channel password into the Settings notecard, drop it into the relay device and everything should be up and relaying.
You may contact Ash-Fox on IRC or Ash Qin on Second Life. For a live example on how this service works

  • Please note that the primary services databases are synchronized every 15 minutes, changes, such as new channel registrations, password changes, channels being dropped can take up to 15 minutes before they synchronized with the Second life - IRC gateway system.
  • For more information on Second Life, refer to http://secondlife.com

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