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Services supported by QuickFox.net

  • NickServ - Nickname management service.
  • ChanServ - Channel managment service.
  • MemoServ - Memo management service.
  • BotServ - Bot management service.
  • IMServ - Instant Messaging gateway service.
  • SLServ - Second life gateway service.


IMServ allows you to communicate on AIM/ICQ networks from IRC.
basics - basic commands
buddyinfo - get information about a buddy
buddylist - buddylist manipulation
chat - chatroom commands
credits - some of the many people who've helped with developing this service
legal - important legal notices
misc - miscellaneous commands
multinick - using IMIRC with multiple AIM/ICQ screennames from one IRC connection.
pounce - pounce commands and overview
privacy - control who is allowed to contact you
set - various settings you can change
intro - introduction to IMIRC
Join #Help or visit the IMIRC web site for more help.

help - Show this screen.
signon [--loglevel loglevel] [--hashpass] screenname pass - Sign on to AOL/ICQ Instant Messenger (AIM/ICQ). You must do this before any of the other commands.
loglevel should be a number between 0 and 10. Higher numbers give you more information.
If --hashpass is present, you do not have to provide your password; you will be responsible for performing an MD5 digest.
With the hashpass mechanism, there is no way for IMIRC to determine your AIM/ICQ password, but if you don't know what an MD5 digest is or how to do one, you can't take advantage of this. Sorry.
signoff - Sign off of AIM/ICQ.
add screenname - Create an IRC nickname for screenname. Use this to talk to someone who's not on your buddylist.
get_permit_mode - See your current permit mode.
set_permit_mode newmode - Set your permit mode.
list_permit_modes - List the valid permit modes and their definitions.

Remove all spaces from screennames (also referred to as nicknames or nicks) before using in any IMServ command or operation. nick is the AIM/ICQ nick, not the IRC one created by prepending IM-.
AIM/ICQ stands for AOL Instant Messenger.

To send an IM to someone whose screenname is SomeDude, send an IRC message to IM-SomeDude.
That person must be on your buddylist, have sent you an IM recently, or be added to IRC via the add command.

You need at least an AOL Instant Messenger account to use IMIRC. Get one at http://aim.aol.com/aimnew/Aim/register.adp

See 'help basics' for information on how to sign on to AIM/ICQ.
Join #Help or visit the IMIRC web site for more help.

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